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Who are we?

iGuide, established in 2016 as the first ever educational assistance platform geared towards Attorneys-At-Law Examination organized by the Sri Lanka Law College in SLLC history, is the brain-child of three, then law students, namely, Wishva Widanagamage AAL, Dharani Weerasinghe AAL and Chalana Perera AAL. With half-a-decade worth experience behind its back, iGuide continues as a dynamic platform dedicated to ‘Empowering Independent Learning’, aspiring to enhance academic prospects at Sri Lanka Law College, and to create an environment conducive to produce balanced budding law professionals.

Prioritizing facilitation of educational assistance to law students, iGuide organizes a number of events and published a variety of supplementary materials designed to disseminate comprehensive knowledge of various legal studies. In this regard, the official website of iGuide and the iGuide eLearning YouTube channel, another two firsts in SLLC history, created in 2017 and 2019 respectively, has proven itself indispensable as online learning tools in the backlight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, to help students navigate the various specializing fields encapsulated in the legal profession with ease, ‘Impel’ is organized annually since 2018 as a series of seminars/webinars, in collaboration with the most prominent luminaries of the Official and Unofficial Bars.

The program is designed to impart knowledge, skills, educational and occupational experience necessary for students to assess their talents, develop relevant skills and map out their professional life. Knowledge alone will not suffice to create a professional who is adapt at communication, negotiation and other soft skills which are of essence to legal professionals in general. Recognizing this, iGuide organizes a number of social and cultural projects such as ‘Senehasa’, ‘Kamatha’ and ‘Peli’ affording students a multitude of opportunities to develop aforementioned skills.